Saddle in and strap down for a wild ride with the Pizza Bros crew. Follow Steve, Ed, and Dennis as they fight their way through terrible customers, out of touch corporate executives, zany competitors, and their own petty drama.

Pizza Bros is based on writer and creator R.J. Callahan’s real life experiences as a delivery driver and pizza maker for a national pizza chain. They experienced many crazy, zany and unwinnable situations where you thought “This couldn’t possibly get any worse…” and then it does. This is how Pizza Bros was born.

Each Pizza Bros volume contains easy to read short stories that follow the exploits of three employees at the Chesterwood Pizza Bros location. STEVE a mild mannered delivery driver with a cheery disposition. DENNIS a grumpy but lovable “Senior” delivery driver, a title which he gave himself. And ED, a beaten down and disinterested general manager who is really just a glorified babysitter. These three characters form the basis for viewing the world of Pizza Bros.

They all have their own dreams, aspirations, and hopes which are of course to do anything but work for Pizza Bros.

Welcome to Pizza Bros.

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