Pizza Bros Characters

Pizza Bros is all about the 8 bit pixel art characters and their interactions with the world! Here is a list of our current and soon to be up-coming characters!

Pizza Bros takes place in a corporate pizza restaurant called “Pizza Bros.” Our main Pizza Bros location takes place in the city of “Chesterwood” Missouri, USA.


Pizza Bros’ Main Character Steve

Steve is a delivery driver at Pizza Bros and our main character. He works at Pizza Bros to support his dream of becoming a famous comic book artist. As a result of his job at Pizza Bros, Steve gets into all kinds of crazy and unexpected situations. None of which are his fault… Usually.


Dennis is Pizza Bros’ “Senior” Delivery Driver. A title which… he gave himself. Don’t get us wrong. Dennis isn’t a bad guy. He’s just very… particular.


Ed is the General Manager at Pizza Bros. He works 65 hours a week and only gets paid for 40. He blames the company for his hair loss and painful hemorrhoids. Facts that he likes to let everyone know.


Riley is one of the Shift Managers at Pizza Bros. He’s pretty much high all the time. When he isn’t high, he can’t deal with his shitty life and is a complete asshole to us about it. Lucky for us though, Dennis sells him weed.

The Founder

This is The Founder. He is quite literally the founder of Pizza Bros. He has a major love of all things, Wild West, Cowboy and Rodeo. He is a genius when it comes to business promotions. But, his methods are a little… unorthodox to the corporate management that runs the day to day operations of Pizza Bros.

Blake McMannis

Blake McMannis is the current Corporate Celebrity Spokesperson for Pizza Bros. He is a Championship Bull Rider, and is loved the world over for his sports career and calm stable demeanor.


Debbie is Ed’s boss and one of Pizza Bro’s District Managers. She’s a lady version of the Corporate Trolls. But because you see her more often she has a specific and unique character design.

The Corporate Trolls

These are what Dennis so colorfully calls “Butt-Sniffing Corporate Trolls.” They are the so called power behind the throne of Pizza Bros. They run the day to day operations and implement The Founder’s grand plans. You’ll never see one of these trolls by themselves. They only travel in packs, and in unison!


Bill is one of Pizza Bros delivery drivers. Bill is that super chill guy that everyone works with. Strangely though, he does get himself into some pretty awkward situations.

Freddy “The Closer”

Freddy “The Closer” is one of Pizza Bros’ delivery driver and the main closing driver. Freddy is very mysterious. But if you need a guy to get things done, he’s the guy to do it. Just don’t owe him any favors.


Beth is Chesterwood’s new Assistant General Manager. She helps Ed run the day to day operations of the store while she gets trained to be a General Manager of her own store. She is very expressive and always sports brightly colored hair, arm and face tattoos. In her own words “I’m pretty chill. Just do your job and don’t piss me off or I’ll kick your ass!”


Jenny is one of the only female delivery drivers for Pizza Bros. Her personality is bright and friendly, and just like Steve she is always smiling. But, because she is the only girl she is also super bossy!

Elliott Daily

Elliott Daily is the lead reporter for Channel 7 Chesterwood News. Pizza Bros’ news station of choice to air in the store. He covers all the big stories and you’ll see him pop into Pizza Bros comics from time to time to report on significant events in Chesterwood and at Pizza Bros!

Cycle Pizza Guy

Cycle Pizza Guy is the very first nemesis to the Pizza Bros crew! He works at Cycle Pizza, which is a local competitor to Pizza Bros. The big difference being that they only deliver their pizzas by bicycle, and never by car. This causes a bit of friction between the two companies and especially between the delivery drivers of the two companies.


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The Hot Health Inspector

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