Pizza Bros is created and written by R.J Callahan, which is the pen name of husband and wife writing team Ryan and Jessie Callahan (R.J Callahan). Pizza Bros is based on their real life experiences working in the restaurant industry and working for corporate restaurants.

Ryan Callahan

Ryan is a co-writer of Pizza Bros. You may know him by his alter-ego: Chef Ryan Callahan, where he writes cookbooks and works with cancer fighters and their caregivers. Ryan mainly writes the characters of Steve, Blake McMannis, Riley, Bill, Elliott Daily.

Jessie Callahan

Jessie is the co-writer of Pizza Bros. She also provides the main insights into the personalities of a few of the main characters. These are of course The Founder, Dennis, Beth, and Jenny. Jessie comes from a broadcasting background and likes to think of Pizza Bros not as a series of hilarious short stories, but as a readable sit-com.